"I put on righteousness, and it clothed me"

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Hi There!

I am so happy you are here!

My name is Nadia. I am the designer and owner of CLOTHED, a brand within our ministry, WILDFLOWERS of God which falls under International Praise located in South Carolina. In 2022, I launched the brand with the goal of empowering women as we partnered to read through the Bible in a year, transitioning us from information to implementation for application!

I’m glad to have you here. Clearly, you care about quality merchandise contributing to a just cause, and that’s why you have chosen our space! You’re in the right place. Before we proceed, take a deep breath and answer this question. What are you putting on this minute? What outfit are you wearing now? Yes, I am inquiring about the details of your outfit. (Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know!) Let’s get to the point.

Here’s something you should know. There is more to clothing than what we wear outwardly. Our struggles and joys are often hidden in the fibers of our garments. Sometimes woven within those clothes are garments such as joy, optimism, fear, insecurity, depression, and anger. Your clothing expresses who you are, so be intentional about it!
CLOTHED is a brand that compels us to consider the costs and benefits of examining our closets, both inward and outward! We help women rid the rags and replace them with internal garments sized for purpose, call, and assignment.

Welcome to the CLOTHED community – a place where you will be ADORNED FROM WITHIN!

We have two requests,

1) Would you please spread the word (pun intended) and become 1 of 100 women who will invite 10 women to join the journey? They can follow us over FB.

2) Would you also invite them to order the 2024 Spiral CLOTHED – One Year Bible Reading Journal that will guide us through the weekly reading along with steps instructing them on how to create a personal mission and vision statement and how to set goals?

Please pray about this request and consider partnering with us on this journey.


Women Influencing Lives Daily Operating with Excellence to Reach Souls

WILDFLOWERS is a ministry of International Praise located in South Carolina. Hand in Hand, we are a body of women that seek to do the Father’s will. We understand the demand that life places on women and the need for a community of trust. Our group leader, Minister Nadia Segar, is passionate about avoiding a breach of trust and honoring the heart of each woman that God has placed in her care. We are encouraged to learn, serve, and grow the Kingdom of God.

A WILDFLOWER is a flower that grows freely in the wild, meaning it was not intentionally seeded or planted by human intervention. They are beautiful(our heart), fragrant(oil of anointing), and colorful(personality of Christ); requiring no pollinating, fertilizing, weeding, or any other interference from man. That said, our primary focus is on GOD first because He is the Sovereign Gardener of our lives, teaching us how to love.
We have evolved from a book club to a Women’s ministry. Our meetings are a way for God to invite us to read books that we otherwise might not and to allow Him through the Holy Spirit to cultivate and enhance our Spiritual growth by discussing various narratives and themes as we reflect upon the scriptures. As we get into discussion, we want to hear about how your reading intersects with your experiences, your memories, everyday life and with current events. Not only that, to see each other blossom and grow in God’s grace and favor.