NADIA SEGAR is a speaker, author, evangelist, and survivor. She has more than two decades of experience in Information Technology and is trusted for her strong business acumen. As well as using her skills, gifts, and talents for continued kingdom purposes, God uses them in other ways. In her spare time, you can find Nadia building and developing communities – one family and one individual at a time.

Shortly after her father’s death, Nadia accepted her call to ministry; a calling initially received as a teen. Through a partnership with Christ Central Institute and Church of God, Columbia, SC, she completed the first level of Chaplain Certification in 2017. However, her ministry achievements did not end there. Nadia received her lay minister certification from South Carolina Church of God in 2018 and became a Licensed Minister in 2020. She is now an ordained minister in the Church of God.

Nadia holds a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Studies from Lee University. She has a Certified Family Life Education (Provisional) certification through the National Council on Family Relations, focused on prevention and family stability. Her passion is interpersonal relationships and family dynamics across the life span.

In addition, Nadia is the Founder of the WILDFLOWERS book club (Women Influencing Lives Daily through the Father’s Love Operating with Excellence to Reach Souls). Embedded in the acronym is the mission statement. It serves as an outreach ministry that meets women where they are and introduces them to the love of God. She is also the voice of the YouTube channel NadiaMavenofMotivation where she shares inspirational messages. As a former board member with The Hive Community Circle, a nonprofit organization supporting survivors of sexual violence and dating abuse, her previous involvement makes her passionate about educating the public about health and wellness issues.

Nadia is the owner of Mercy Covering, LLC, a business that produces hand-made brooches for women. Established to encourage all women to live with the joy of knowing they are joined to God through the blood of Christ, Mercy Covering was founded in 2016. As we abide in Christ, we are strengthened, increased, and wrapped in the Covering of Mercy.

Nadia is married to Minister Ralph Segar, and they live in Columbia, South Carolina. Life is blossoming with excitement as she celebrates the joys of being a mother to Kevin, Zoe Inell, and Justin Jereme. Nadia enjoys sharing the love of God, reading, teaching, traveling, mentoring, and cooking.